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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Create High Performing,
Diverse C-Suites

Diversity, built-in. Guaranteed representation in talent pipelines and unconscious bias eliminated in the recruiting process. Powered by Big AL, our AI engine, using data-driven insights for underrepresented candidates.

The Case for Diversity

A diverse workforce goes beyond public image – it’s a critical business need for any organization to remain competitive, innovative and profitable in today’s global economy. Consider the facts:


DE&I increases likelihood of industry-leading profitability by 33% (Source: McKinsey’s study ‘Delivering Through Diversity’)


DE&I increased efficacy of decision making 87% of the time (Source: Coverpop study, ‘Hacking Diversity’)


Companies with the highest levels of racial diversity attain 15X greater sales revenues. (Source: American Sociological study)


56% of international business leaders say that diversity is a catalyst for greater innovation (Source: Forbes study)

The DE&I Challenge

DE&I programs usually fail for this reason:
Recruiters taking a numbers-driven approach and collecting as many resumes as possible.
The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t remove the biases and barriers that get in the way of hiring the most brilliant talent.

The ZeroBias Search™

Combining sector knowledge with our AI engine, Big AL, we find senior executives across all functions, whilst meeting your specific diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) objectives.

With Big AL, we can search the entire profiles of 1.2 billion candidates without any bias.
Discover Big AL
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Broaden Your Talent Pool

Source candidates from a wider range of backgrounds and locations using AI to identify candidates that may have been overlooked through traditional recruitment methods. We can optimise our AI for positive DE&I, tweaking the parameter weightings to change the talent mix and bring in more diverse candidates into the shortlist.

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Boost Screening Efficiency

Our AI processes, analyzes, scores and filters large volumes of data quicker and more accurately than any human can. This enables our specialists to evaluate candidates based on their skills, capabilities, experience and qualifications – not personal attributes – for a truly unbiased search, that champions diversity and inclusion.

Source more diverse talent

Partner with Parzival to create initial search criteria for your business and see how our AI can deliver on your brief.

“Diversity is synonymous with innovation and growth, and Parzival Partners’ ZeroBias Search tool represents something unique for the future of tech recruitment. We’re excited to see its capabilities grow as we continue to hire across various disciplines"

Sarah HagueChief Operating Officer, BlackDice