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Powerful Talent Sourcing Solutions

Whether building out an entire team or placing a single key executive, we have a proven track record of success in delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Have the more traditional, time-consuming recruitment processes failed to deliver on your brief?

Locating, hiring and retaining top talent is the #1 challenge for the healthcare sector, tech start-ups and scale-ups. If you’re in need of a flexible, dynamic approach to your talent agenda that guarantees diversity and compatibility, choosing Parzival Partners ensures you have a dedicated talent partner through the entire recruitment lifecycle.

Talent sourcing, simplified.

We uncover the most compatible, diverse talent – powered by AI – for a faster, simpler and smarter search. Our AI pinpoints the most promising candidates for each specific search, then our consultants apply their expertise to thoroughly vet and qualify each one.

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Unlock Hidden Talent

We find talent that other recruiters may miss, using AI to identify promising talent and reach diversity hiring goals.

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Cut Costs and Save Time

Eliminate manual, time-consuming sourcing – 5x faster process from brief to shortlist and interview.

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Quality, Quantified

Ensuring your new hire adds value to your bottom line, we deliver the most compatible, qualified candidates, guaranteed.

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Create and Enhance High-Performing C-Suites

Combining sector knowledge with AI to find senior executives across all functions.

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Sector Experts

Dedicated, knowledgeable and sector-focused consultants.

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Mitigate Risks

Our consultants manage every step of the process, communications and mitigate risks to limit business disruption.

Proven Sourcing Methodology

A comprehensive talent sourcing methodology, leveraging our extensive network, employing advanced search techniques, and using cutting-edge proprietary AI technology to identify and engage with top talent.


60 Minute Search


Shortlist Within 7 Days

Client Discovery Call & In-Depth Job Brief

We start by thoroughly understanding our clients' business needs and the specific requirements of the role they are seeking to fill. We agree key criteria, and our team creates a scoring matrix with assigned weightings for each parameter.

Input All Criteria & Data Into Our AI System

Our AI analyzes the whole profiles of over 1 billion candidate profiles from a plethora of sources, including job boards, social media, industry forums and our own extensive candidate database, to identify potential candidates.

AI Sources Candidates Within 60 Minutes

Our AI analyzes billions of data points faster, and smarter than any human can - all without any bias. We prioritize diversity and inclusion in our sourcing efforts to ensure that our clients have access to a wide range of highly qualified candidates.

Candidate Refinement, Shortlisting & Outreach By A Parzival Consultant

We screen and assess each candidate, conducting thorough interviews and reference checks, to ensure that they meet our client's criteria.

Candidates Further Reviewed & Vetted Via Video Interview To Ensure Best Fit

A shortlist of highly qualified candidates who are a good fit for our client's organization and can contribute to their success is delivered within 7 days.

Best candidates immediately introduced to the client for formal interview

If we find a candidate that we believe to be an ideal match to the the job requirements and company culture, we'll introduce them straight away.

Curious to learn more?

Partner with Parzival to create initial search criteria for your business and see how our AI can deliver on your brief.