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Helping private equity and multi-site firms to navigate the constantly evolving healthcare landscape and achieve their talent agendas globally.

Our Healthcare Focus

The healthcare industry is changing rapidly, with increasing private equity investment combined with a skills shortage in clinical practice areas such as veterinary. Using our significant healthcare experience combined with Big AL, our powerful AI engine, we know what skills are in demand – and how to find them, fast.

We identify and engage with high-calibre talent for a diverse range of executive healthcare opportunities across commercial, operational and technical functions.

The Healthcare Challenge

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Challenge #1:

Skills Shortage

The market’s pace of growth has outstripped the capability and skillset of many of those working within the sector.

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Challenge #2:

Generic Talent Pool

Traditional recruitment tends to source from the same recycled talent pool, and failure to understand how private equity works means a more generic, less diverse talent pool.

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Challenge #3:

Consumerization of Healthcare

A rise in consumerization — seeing people as customers as well as patients.

Our Solution:

A ‘Whole Market’ Approach to Talent Sourcing

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Recruiting for Competence in Adjacent Markets

Our experts leverage their sector knowledge fused with AI technology to find external market reference points that can bring fresh insights beyond the healthcare niche.

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Expansive Shortlist

By recruiting to the core requirements of the role, we deliver a varied and expansive shortlist. The benefit being a broader market access point.

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Trusted Advisors

Our role is to challenge perceptions and uncover hidden talent. With the consumerization trend in the healthcare sector, our approach ensures we find people who are the right fit culturally and who understand these market dynamics well.

Adding value beyond placing candidates.

Our healthcare clients are investing in high-quality groups that need the right geographical positioning and the right management team behind them. We help PE and portfolio companies by challenging traditional recruitment processes, using our sector knowledge and market intelligence powered by AI to source the most exceptional talent.


A track record of success

We have an outstanding track-record of recruiting C-suite/executive, VP, functional leadership and senior management professionals for a wide range of roles in PE-backed healthcare groups covering the veterinary, urgent care, private healthcare, ophthalmology, dental and adjacent sectors.

oliver tyler

Oliver Tyler

Healthcare Sector Specialist

With a deep understanding of the complex challenges that healthcare organisations face, Oliver has an outstanding track-record of developing and executing effective talent strategies that support growth, providing unparalleled value and expertise to clients in the multi-site healthcare space. 

people elle bowers

Elle Bowers

Healthcare Sector Specialist

Assisting Healthcare organizations with their talent agendas globally, Elle leverages her extensive experience in the healthcare industry and her passion for talent acquisition and management to help healthcare clients achieve their business objectives. 

Success Story

Increasing Inclusivity at Senior Level

Parzival Partners helped CityVet to build a top-performing C-Suite and increase the ratio of female and persons of color at senior level. The result? 29% females and 14% PoC in senior VP roles.

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Our Healthcare Clients Include