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Succeed with Big AL – Faster, Smarter AI-Powered Search

Our proprietary augmented AI system, Big AL, is the engine that powers our search process. It allows us to navigate the broadest, most diverse global talent pool and unlock access to hidden talent across all industries, disciplines and functions.

Talent Sourcing Challenges

Our Proprietary augmented AI system, Big AL, was developed in-house to solve traditional talent sourcing problems:

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Recruiters’ unconscious bias

Unintentional biases toward certain groups of people, based on factors like gender, race, age, or other characteristics, can influence recruiters in selecting candidates who conform to certain stereotypes – and may not be the best fit for the job.

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Lack of talent diversity

Limiting candidate pools to certain networks or geographic locations, results in missing valuable perspectives and skills that diverse candidates can offer. A homogenous workforce often struggles to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions.

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Long turnaround times

This can lead to a range of issues, such as losing out on qualified candidates to competitors, delaying important projects that require skilled workers and frustration for clients and potential candidates, causing negative perceptions of the company.

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Limited or recycled talent pool

Reusing candidates who were not selected in previous hiring processes can lead to a lack of diversity and fresh perspectives, creating a missed opportunity to discover new, dynamic and diverse talent.

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Poor compatibility

A lack of skills for the role combined with poor compatibility with a company’s values and culture leads to a failure to meet expectations, low productivity, dissatisfaction and high turnover rates.

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High cost, low ROI

All of these factors combined are costly due to the significant resources put into the search process, resulting in a low return on your recruiting efforts.

The Parzival


Big AL Solution

Parzival offers a unique, results-driven solution by integrating our human expertise combined with the AI capabilities of Big AL.


Big AL has access to over 1 billion active and passive candidates from multiple sources.


Of a candidate’s profile is searched (structured & unstructured data) – 3 times more data than traditional recruitment.


More efficient search process by removing human biases & curating a diverse talent pipeline.


Faster process from brief to shortlist and interview, compared with traditional search firms.

4x Diversity In Talent Pipelines

Big AL is the only AI-powered executive search technology that guarantees a ‘Zero Bias’ search process and the most compatible shortlist of talent - with a speed and specificity that is unmatched by traditional recruiters. Our customers see 4 times more diversity, better response rates from diverse candidates, and make hires who add diversity to their workforce.

Tom BennettCreator of Big AL

How it Works

Augmenting human capabilities, not replacing them.

With extended deep learning using our unique ‘neural network method’, we can replicate human intelligence and expertise in the search process whilst unleashing its full potential – achieving what no other AI system can. A methodology that continually learns from our client and candidate activity over billions of data points, delivering results faster and more efficiently and providing insights into areas that may not otherwise be obvious.

Semantic search by intent or meaning.

Unlike a simple word-matching algorithm, Big AL’s AI-enabled sourcing provides a semantic search, and addresses concepts such as sector adjacency and skills adjacency. For example, If a candidate has a specific skill, Big AL can infer the prerequisites of that knowledge and determine the likelihood of the person having a different – but similar – skill, based on analysis of billions of data points. Candidate sourcing is thereby facilitated with a wider, more inclusive pool of candidates that humans may miss. Big AL has the ability to infer skills or interests from, for example, prior jobs held, volunteer positions or education. Because the program is always learning, it retains associations it can then apply in different scenarios.

More compatible, more diverse talent.

Big AL goes beyond simple matching to find talent most likely to succeed in your specific role, in your industry, and in your company. Big AL helps improve representation in talent pipelines and address unconscious bias in the recruiting process using data-driven insights for underrepresented candidates to identify candidates from diverse backgrounds that may be missed in traditional search.

Learn more about our ZeroBias Search

Complex brief? No problem.

Big AL makes hiring for strategic and hard-to-fill roles easier. We find qualified candidates for specialized roles faster and more targeted. We can filter by specific requirements such as medical licenses, security clearances, technical expertise, and more.

Curious to learn more?

Partner with Parzival to create initial search criteria for your business and see how our AI can deliver on your brief.